PALMARES, Victories

Title 1

1976-1984 working as driver in junior classes won multiples championships

1984-1990 working on differents drivers for nationals, panamerican and world championships

1991 Daniel Bordogna ICC Sudam 125cc National Champion

1992 Diego Rodriguez Olivera ICA 100 cc National Champion

1993 Diego Rodriguez Olivera CIK Panamerican Champion Formula A

1995 Diego Rodriguez Olivera National champion ICC Sudam

1993-2002 Manage south american drivers and went to Europe to participate in

9 world championships Cik-Fia , southamerican and European champs

worked on PCR factory team for the World Champs

2004 Marcelo Montore IKF Champion Junior 1

2005 J. Graco IKF Champion Junior 1

Jorge Mirazo 3rd place National Champ ICC 125 IKF

2006 Joey Teves IKF Champion Junior 1

Joey Teves IKF Champion Iame HPV1

Luis Tyrrell California State Champion Junior 1

Luis Tyrrell WKA National Champion Junior 1

Joey Teves Stars of Karting Winner Junior 1

2007 Jonny Norris IKF Champion Junior 1

Jonny Norris IKF Champion Iame HPV1

Jonny Norris IKF Nationals 2nd place Comer 80cc

Jonny Norris Central Valley Champion Junior 1

2008 Nitro Nick Sommers Champion Junior 1 & HPV1

Federico Paoloni Top 8 at Supernationals Vegas Tag Jr

Federico Paoloni off pole at IKF Grand National HPV2

2009 Kyle Kaiser IKF National Champion HPV1

2009 Cole Davis IKF Champion Junior 1

2010 Hunter Kelly Champion Junior 1

2011 Hunter Kelly vice Champion Prokart Challenge Mini Rok

Hunter Kelly Winner @ Skusa Prokart Mini Rok

Nick Sommers Winner @ Skusa Prokart Tag Jr

2012 Hunter Kelly Pro Tour Prokart National Champion Mini Rok

2012 Hunter Kelly off pole & Heat Winner at Las Vegas Supernats

2013 Moved to Florida from California, Winning FWT on his 1st race ever

with Ramirez 1st, Sarracino3rd and Serravalle 5th over 40 karts overall

Minirok NATIONAL CHAMPION RokCup USa 2013 At Orlando (Mathias Ramirez)

Comer State Champion Florida (Matias Ramirez) Vice Champion Vincenzo Sarracino

Sebastian Sierra Vice Champion TAG Jr Florida state

Rok Cup , 2013 Season Champion

Las Vegas (4 Heats won in Minirok Serravalle & Rasmus Lindh)

Daytona 2013 Pole and Prefinal won (Tyler Gonalez)

2014 Florida Winter Tour 4 Wins (Lochie Hughes & Ramirez Mathias)

Rok Cup USA 2014 round 1 (3 wins ) Lochie Hughes minirok, Forteza Rok Jr

Francois Wilbaux Rok Masters

USPKS at North Carolina Round 1, saturday 1st and 3rd, Tavella & Frederick

Sunday Tavella 1st, Frederick 2nd

Those are some of the NaTional champions ,many other drivers won

many races ,local championships and regional championships riding

our engines like:

Troy Buckman, K. Spauilding, Justin Cole, Mellisa Cole, Shelby Sander, Jaimie Sander, Cody Hodgson,


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