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2016 Bordogna Racing Engines LLC is a Official ROTAX Dealer and Service Center

2016 Florida Winter Tour Champion, Minirok Jet Pak Crawford

Florida Winter Tour 2nd place Championship Rok Masters Daniel Rieger

2016 WINTER CUP LONATO ITALY Maya WEUG got 5th places on heat races

and 10th place on main event between 92 competitors from all the world


2014/15 Microrok Champion ROKCUP USA Jeremy Fletcher

ROK Shifter Masters Champion Gonzalo Aponte

Rok Shifters Senior Champion A.J. Myers

Rotax Micromax Ocala Champion Bryce Haines

Florida Winter Tour David Malukas 1st place Rok Juniors

Florida Winter Tour Enzo Fittipaldi 2nd place Rok Juniors

California Pro100 KPV IAME Champion Emanuel Menendez

Many more victories on every classes

2014 April 13/14th USPKS Series at North Carolina

BORDOGNA ENGINES dominates in Tag Cadet Class Minirok

Saturday 1st Dylan Tavella, 3rd. Kaylen Frederick

Sunday 1st. Dylan Tavella, 2nd Kaylen Frederick


2 wins on Saturday, two 2nd place on sunday

Zack Hollingshead in minirok , Francois in tag masters

2014 March FWT at Orlando

Lochie Hughes won both days in Minirok class

Dylan tavella joined to Bordogna Engines started 17 on main event and finished 3rd

2014 March ROK CUP USA at Orlando

3 poles and 3 wins for Bordogna Engines Lochie Hughes dominates Minirok

Luis Forteza dominates in ROK jr, Francois Wilbax won in Rok Masters, and pole

in Micro rok for Darren Racley

2014 March FWT 2014 Ocala Mathias Ramirez Dominates on Tag jr.

Lochie Hughes got 2nd place in Minirok

2014 FWT, Homestead, Start main event 1st and 3rd on Tag Jr, and both drivers crash

each other on lap 1.

2013 Las vegas Supernats

(4) Heats races won with Serravalle and Rasmus Lindht

drivers was leading the main event, but at 5 lapos before the race, it was stopped

by an accident, after restart, both drivers got envolved on accident

2013 Won (3) Florida Championship Series Championships on 1st season in FL

2013 Aug 24

FKCS /WKA Florida Championship Series

Zack Hollingshead 1st place in Comer , Mayo Livingston 2nd

Zack Hollingshead 1st place in MiniRok, Mathias Ramirez 2nd

Sebastian Sierra finished 3rd in Tag Jr. getting 2nd place overall Championship

Mathias Ramirez won 2 more regional championships Comer and Minirok

2013 Aug 18

Rok Cup Usa Grand Finals @ Orlando Florida

Mathias Ramirez Minirok NATIONAL CHAMPION

Sebastian Sierra Rok Jr Vice National CHAMPION

2013 July 27

Rok Cup USA @ Orlando Florida

Saturday MiniRok Mathias Ramirez 1st place Arias K. 2nd place Zack Hollingshead 3rd

Sunday MiniRok Zack Hllingshead 1st place

Edu Barrichello 3rd place

Shifter ROK : Rubens Baarrichello 1st place

2013 June 16

Florida WKA Series round #4 @ Monticello

Saturday Sebastian Sierra showed up directly to qualify in Tag Jr

getting a 3rd place without knowing the track, started the heat

he got hit of the track in corner 1, started the main on the back and

finished in 3rd place podium

Ramirez again dominated on the Mini Rok Class

2013 May 4/5 Florida WKA Series round #3 @ Ft Myers

Saturday: Mathias Ramirez won in Minirok Class

Sunday: Mathias Ramirez won in Comer and MiniRok Class

2013 April Florida WKA Series round#2 @ Homestead

Saturday: Sebastian Sierra Dominates in TAG jr. Class

Mathias Ramirez won in Minirok class

Vincenzo Sarracino finished 3rd.

Sunday : Mathias Ramirez won in Minirok class

Mathias Ramirez Pole in comer, get penalized for engine change

Started Last and finished 2nd.

2013 Florida Winter Tour @ Ocala

Minirok saturday Mathias Ramirez won the main event with our engine

Vincenzo Sarracino finished 3rd, and A. Serravalle 5th

Minirok Sunday, Mathias Ramirez finished 2nds and Antonio Serravalle 3rd.

2013 March Florida WKA Series round#1 @ Orlando

Mathias Ramirez dominates at Comer and MiniRok races

2012 Supernats at Las Vegas

Hunter Kelly qualify 2nd in cadet class (miniroks) at 0.004 of the pole

1st heat Hunter dominates winning for 3.5 seconds

2nd and 3rd heat finished in 3rd place starting on 1st row for the main

Main event was up front fighting the race with Serravalle and Gangi, couple laps before the end,

a small race friction moved him to the 8th final place, winning the SKUSA PRO TOUR 2012 championship with the help of the victory in april @ Phoenix Protour Spring Nationals

201lklkl2 April Skusa Pro Tour @ Phonix Arizona won the main event in Tag Cadet Mini




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